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Jumat, 07 Juli 2017

Jurgen Klopp Praise Mohamed Salah As A Fantastic Player
Jurgen Klopp Praise Mohamed Salah As A Fantastic Player

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, praise the rekrutan upgrade for The Reds on the stock transfer this summer, namely Mohamed Salah as a fantastic player. Incorrectly predicted would give many things for Klopp on next season with its own attributes.

Egypt-born Player it complete the transfer to The Reds from AS Roma last month and is scheduled to join his new teammates as soon as possible to live a pre season practice.

After assessing the quality of a team by ensuring fourth place in the Premier League standings in may, Klopp want to add greater speed on skuatnya and believe can do it.

"Even if people don't know much about him, they (definitely) will see some videos and they will be impressed," said The Reds boss to

"We've talked several times, talking to one another. He is a very good child. He's really looking forward to coming to Liverpool and join us. "

Speed has always been the Wrong owned a plus for Klopp, as Germany coach that believes it is so important for the 14 players who attack.

"He's a fantastic player, with speed. We said after last season, there are some things that we are trying to do in the current squad who have been really good. "

"One of the things is the speed, to be a kind of finisher, preparing for the opportunity, and then make the touchdowns and all the things like that. He will take all of this when it comes. "

"He is a boy who fit naturally, he can run as fast as he can and as long as she wants. It is nice. I really can't wait (to work with it), "said Klopp.

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